The small group strength training classes at Validus Elite Training Center provide a great foundation for not only learning the basics but also building a strong support system of like-minded individuals. We share one common goal which is to get as strong as possible! We go from strangers, to friends, to family at Validus, there's no one I trust more to literally have my back than my Validus family. I've increased my Deadlift, Back Squat and Bench Press over a total of 400lbs since I started training with Nez and Robert in May 2015.
Karmichael C.

Nez is an amazing instructor. I enjoy attending her boxing and kickboxing classes regularly because she makes it fun and motivating. As a personal trainer, Nez helped create a meal and workout plan that targets my specific goals. She's very approachable and always welcomed my questions and concerns. She shows that she cares and that's very important.

I first trained with Nez when I was a member of Ao8 gym and instantly fell in love with her boxing and kickboxing classes! The combos were great stress relievers and the cardio sequences in between really helped me get in shape. I then continued with Nez and Robert in their small group weight lifting program. Their program design is great, flexible and they are very accommodating. I was working full time and finishing my last semester at school, so if I ever had to miss they would allow me to make up the class because they truly want their clients to get better and stronger, unlike most gyms that just care if you pay. The environment is motivating and supportive, and the programs they create definitely work!
Gisela G.

Nez is absolutely the reason I fell in love with working out. Her passion for fitness and health is infectious. During a workout with her, she'll kill you, inspire you, push you way beyond what you thought were your limits; and when that hour of torture is over, she will have taught you to love and trust yourself more than you ever thought possible. She is a life changer!" Everybody needs Nez!
Kirsten G.

Nez and Robert are top notch trainers. Their training program is catered to individual need and strength. Within 3 months, my body is toner, more defined muscles and have lost 6lbs.
Loni c.

FitNez is a phenomenal instructor. She will push you to your maximum potential and keep your blood pumpin' until the very last second of class. Not only will you see the results, but you will also gain a sense of confidence and motivation that you never knew you had. Thank you for teaching at our studio, Nez!
Edie Heali’i’ - Miss PIFA 2005 & Heali'i' Polynesian Revenue

The staff and member are amazing they will quickly become the kind of people you can't live without. After a few minutes it will no longer feel like a workout and it'll more like a day out with friends. The trainers will promptly transform you from who you were into who you always wanted to be. Amazing is the only word to describe this place.
Luis D.

Nez is an amazing trainer! She has a lot of patience and is focused on what she is doing. I currently went to her to learn how to pose for a competition and all because of her I won 1st place in Miss Bikini Fitness!!! Thank you Nez, you're the best! And I must say, her pictures are an inspiration to me. It makes me work harder and encourages me to reach my goals to become a fitness competitor like her.
Melissa H. - Miss Bikini Fitness 2007, Mexico

My husband and I have been working with Nez and Robert for a little over a month now. We can definitely tell a difference in our strength and the way our bodies look. They are an awesome team, the program is easy to follow, flexible to our schedule and prices are very reasonable.
Leslie L.

I've been training with Nez and Robert for over a year now and have never seen such better results. They helped me find a new passion in strength training with powerlifting and weightlifting. In the process, I like seeing the results in my body I had not seen before on my own or with other trainers. They truly care about the progress and achievements of their clients no matter how small their goals are. They create such a great training environment for everyone. If you're looking for results from trainers who are genuine and will make your goals happen, Validus coaches, Nez and Robert, are the ones to go to. They are the best I've had and they push me more every time I train!

Vanessa F.

I've only been doing strength training work with Nez and Robert for a short time, but my strength and overall well-being has noticeably improved. Working out with them is fun and I look forward to the time that I spend in their gym. This is due not only to knowledgeable coaching, but a positive and infectious attitude towards helping their clients get fit and strong. I wish I had met them years ago.
Ranjan L.

Nez not only has brains, beauty and talent but she is one of the most creative people I have ever met. She was my very first choreographers in a professional dance team. She made us work hard and challenge ourselves to do things that we never thought were possible. She can come up with the most creative dances and they are always fun and sexy. She is an amazing trainer as well not only did she make us dance hard but she made us work out just as hard. Nez is an amazing woman who has accomplished many things already at her young age.
Angela R. - San Diego Riptide Dance Team 2003-2005 and SD Enforcers Dance Co-Director 2010-Present

I learned of Octane Energy Drink when I started working out with Nez who was my personal trainer at Art of 8 and as I learned later she is a local regional retailer for the product. When I began in about May of 2013 I was 6'3" and weighted 268 pounds. Nez incorporated a fitness plan, a meal plan, and introduced Octane Energy Drink as part of my overall fitness diet and regiment. I've tried a lot of products from GNC and others and all pretty much give you a quick dose of energy followed by a crash effect and left me feeling tired and exhausted. Octane Energy Drink was completely different. First, the ingredients were pure and when compared to the "other guys products" Octane Energy Drink did not have artificial flavors, fillers, artificial colors and other chemicals you need a degree from MIT to understand. Here's the big difference with Octane Energy Drink: sustained energy and focus, no jitters, no crashing, and level energy thought the day. The product simply Works. I use the Octane Energy Drink in the morning and afternoon before my workouts and after about 9 months my current weight is 189 pounds and I'm back to playing baseball, boxing, running, and I feel incredible. I have Never done a testimony for any supplement product in my life but I have personally spoken to the owner of the company to share my success and thank him for all the time and research that he put into making an incredible product. I have shared this product with friends, co workers, and teammates, and even my father because I trust the product and people have seen the results! If you live in the San Diego area and are fed up with fads and pills and are SERIOUS about getting into shape, contact Nez and have a consultation with her and learn more, she will change your life. Thank you Octane Energy Drink for helping me reach and maintain my weight and health goals.
Thomas Wurst - Client and Former Pro Baseball

 I can't say enough about how good Nez is at what she does. I have worked previously been lucky enough to have worked with the staff of cycling's Team USA, and Nez's technical knowledge is right up there with elite Olympic coaches. Moreover, and more importantly, she brings an enthusiasm and team spirit to every session, every workout, every one-on-one encounter, that has to be experienced to be believed. Nez will make you better, faster, and stronger, and you'll have so much fun on the journey.
Scott K.

Nez is a dedicated athlete! She puts forth 100% effort to improving herself physically and mentally as well as her clients. If you are looking for a trainer or motivator then you want to train with someone like Nez.
Tom Hill - Owner of CrossFit ATR


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